Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists

9 enthusiastic and delightfully wacky individuals, hand picked and trained by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to merge technology and art to create projects to surprise and delight you!

Who are we?

We're 9 individuals, participating as part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation's Raspberry Pi Creative Technologist Programme, which is open to all artistic individuals between 17-21. Their aim: to help guide us towards our individual and unique creative pursuits using technology to make our ideas a reality!

Each of us have come from a different end of the technology / art spectrum, specialising in completely different mediums. Between us we have talented: musicians, animators, programmers, computer engineers, writers, photographers, videographers and even a magician!

We are working together for a year, helping one another as well as gaining assistance, attending field trips with the Raspberry Pi Foundation and meeting inspiring individuals and organisations along the way, to develop innovative projects that combine technology with arts and creativity.

New Works Exhibition

Come and visit our end of year exhibition and get inspired by how technology can be pushed to it's boundaries creatively, demonstrating the potential of both the Raspberry Pi computer and digital art forms!

Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists

ui-02 Andrew Mulholland

ui-01 Maddy Pendergast


ui-02 Yasmin Curren

ui-01 Bawar Jalal



ui-02 Milton De Paula

ui-01 Connor Ballard


ui-01 Owen Daughtery

ui-01 Hannah Burdett

ui-01 Javier